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Disappearance of the Universe Quotes by Gary Renard

Gary Renard Disappearance of the Universe Quotes

These quotes are from The Disappearance of the Universe and Gary Renard’s new book Love Has Forgotten No One.

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Marianne Williamson Quotes Video

Marianne Williamson Quotes Video

This video includes several quotes from author, teacher, and human rights advocate Marianne Williamson.

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Gary Renard on the Nature of Forgiveness – ACIM

Gary Renard on Forgiveness and ACIM

Gary Renard discusses forgiveness and how it relates to ego, illusion, separation, and victimization. He also shares how his fear of public speaking was a lesson in forgiveness, and how we can see our lives like a movie to experience forgiveness more easily.

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How To Become Enlightened By Watching Movies

David Hoffmeister - ACIM Spiritual Movies

David speaks about using music and mainstream movies as a pathway to enlightenment.

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David Hoffmeister – In ACIM The Movie

David Hoffmeister ACIM The Movie

In this brief clip from “A Course In Miracles – The Movie,” David Hoffmeister shares why he believes special relationships is one of the most important, if not the most important, topic of study within A Course In Miracles.

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Getting Over Whatever Is Upsetting You – David Hawkins

David Hawkins Get Over It Already

In this 2-minute clip, David Hawkins shares his viewpoint on past wrongdoings, living in the present moment, and love.

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Why Our Mind Causes Us Fear And Suffering

Kenneth Wapnick - Mind Wandering

Kenneth Wapnick, Ph.D. discusses how we are far too tolerant of our projections (mind wanderings), believing that what we are projecting is real, i.e., our guilt. We also believe that what we are projecting onto is also real, namely the sinful world that hurts us.

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Invocation: Marianne Williamson’s Opening Prayer Synced To Music

Invocation With Marianne Williamson

Beautiful chanting entwined with Marianne Williamson’s beloved opening prayer, set on a tapestry of musical instruments associated with spirituality from all over the world.

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Gary Renard – Clip From ACIM The Movie

Gary Renard - ACIM The Movie

In this short clip from A Course In Miracles, The Movie – Gary Renard speaks about forgiveness and special relationships.

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Going Deeper Into The Purpose of “Special” Relationships

Craig Villarrubia - Special Relationships

ACIM teacher Craig Villarrubia helps us explore how special relationships can bring us closer to Heaven instead of blocking our spiritual realization of Truth.

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